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Drain Excavation And Replacement
Drain Excavation Over the years Draincom professionals replaced many main lines coming from people's homes. There are very few that stand out as being interesting. One in particular happened a few years ago. We took a call from a doctor that was having an issue with backups in his basement. Now normally this would not be an interesting thing as back ups happen on a regular basis out in this area of older Toronto. Draincom experts advised the customer that we would come out and have a look.
Here is the full story spoken by our professional:

There was a nice 3 bedroom home with a finished basement. As I was looking around it had seemed that there has been some renovations over the years, but to my surprise he and his new wife had just moved in. I went straight to task to take a layout of the plumbing in the basement apartment and the upper floors. As I further inspected the plumbing I could see, the more disgusted I became ... The renovations were completed with what I could only refer to as a hack or a shoemaker. Nothing was to code, there were fixtures that were not properly vented and others that were not vented at all. It had seemed that the contractor wanted to save some money and get it all done himself. As I went through the small problems with the interior problems I had found a soft spot in the carpeting on the basement floor. I took my handy carpet knife and cut a hole in the carpet. It appears that the floor drain was stuffed and abandoned.
I was kind of beside myself because it appeared that he was trying to make it work for just long enough to get paid. I found the main stack coming to the basement and was preparing to snake it out. I got my snake in a whopping 50 feet before I was able to clear the blockage. Now normally at this time I would pack it all up and get on my way, but something smelled fishy here. I got my drain camera and put it in. The drain seemed pretty normal for the first 10 feet, and as I want down I observed the connections for the washroom and the floor drain in the basement. To my surprise the drain then changed to what we refer to as weepers!!!! The pipe was corrugated black plastic that we normally use for weeping tile connections or rain water downspouts. No wonder he was having issues as when the sanitary waste was going out to the street, most of the "Waste" was being left behind!! Finally when I got through that to the original piping, I hit a building trap and could no longer camera.
I of course explained the whole issue to the customer that informed me that no matter what, this must be corrected and that his plumbing must work!
Next day Draincom team with me arrived and asked that the customer and his wife take a motel room for a few days, to which he agreed. We cut the carpet down the middle and rolled it up to the corners. We opened the floors and found exactly what we needed, the pipe. We opened it from the stack to the outside wall, then out on the lawn from the outside wall to the property line. The drains were approx. 12 feet deep ... makes for a long few days of digging.
We replaced the pipe, in ABS, from the city side all the way to the main stack and also installed a backwater valve to protect from city backups in the future.
The backfill was all contaminated with human waste, so I reclaimed it all and got some new grade "A" backfill. After the inspection was completed, we backfilled the holes, sodded the front lawn and put new concrete in the basement. When the customer came home, there was still an awful smell, I explained it all to him in full details, as well as video footage and pictures. We had a carpet company come in to repair the carpet joints. I put the old floor drain back into service.
This is a good reminder as to how getting the cheapest contractor in could be a very bad idea.
Always use skilled trades as we are professionals in our selected field.
Call us when you need quality and reliability.