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Hot Water Tank Installation
Toilet Replacement When your hot water tank decided to give it up and quit, there are many things that happen. Showers are out because who likes to take cold showers right? Dishes are not done, you cannot run your dishwasher unless it has an internal booster even laundry cannot be done if you wash in hot or even warm.
Draincom representative took a call regarding expired water tank.
Draincom professionals visited this place. Here is the full story spoken by one of Draincom's plumbers:

It was not a rental and the client didn't want to start payments for the next 50 years to have hot water right now.
I went to the basement as I knew right where it was. There was some water leaking out from the inner jacket and the tank seemed to still be working.
I went to the panel, as it was electric, and shut it off. I opened up the access panels and heard a leak, the evidence was all over the floor. It looked pretty nasty and brown, this is Iron in the water and sediment from inside the tank.
It was a standard 40 Gallon tank and very easily obtained. I did some pricing and then had the conversation with my friend. He gave me the go ahead, so in turn I went to our supplier and bought a new one.
Now draining the tank has always been a pain for us, especially if the spigot on the bottom of the tank is knackered. This was the case. I tried and tried to open it, but nothing would get it to turn.
It these cases the only thing that we can do is to remove it completely, so I did. Water drained from the bottom of the tank and the pressure was pretty high, then I remembered that maybe shutting off the water supply would be a good idea, instead of getting my boots wet.
It took about 20 mins to drain, but in the mean time I got to work on cutting out the old Pex lines and getting the new tank ready for the install.
I took out the old tank out of position and put the new one in it's place. I connected the plumbing with new Pex pipe and fittings and allowed it top fill back up before turning on the power.
This is a very important point, make sure the tank is full prior to turning on the power.
Have you ever taken a squirt gun and shot water at a hot light bulb? Well let me tell you it's a bit messy. The bulb will shatter because of the extreme change in temperature, the elements in a hot water tank are the same.
They are meant to be immersed in water to keep the change in temperature very slow and controlled. Lots of times I have gone out on calls for hot water tanks where the elements have shattered and tripped out breakers.
Now came the fun part, getting the old one out. When hot water tanks are working they normally collect a lot of sediment from your system therefore when you drain them out it can be pretty nasty.
I put a plug into the drain connection, to keep this thick red sediment from the bottom of the tank from staining everything. I managed to get it upstairs and out the front door without any issues.
I then rolled it over to it's side and finished draining the tank outside where it would not be an issue, and more so for me because the thing was very heavy too.
I cleaned up everything and then got the old one into my truck. I checked the new tank and the water was heating well.

Hot water tanks can get very heavy, if you end up changing one you need a professional to keep you from throwing out your back.