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Kitchen Faucet Replacement and Kitchen Faucet Repair
Toilet Replacement As many of us know, we spend an lot of time in our kitchens. Those that have smaller kids spend more time. One thing is for sure, when the kitchen sink does not work, it can make for a very long day.
Draincom representative took a call from a man that had an interesting problem. He told that he had good hot water pressure but very little, then a few moments later it was the reverse.
Draincom plumbers of course had to check this place. Here is the full story spoken by one of Draincom's plumbers:

As I arrived, I saw him in the front to greet me and of course was very relieved. We went to the kitchen immediately. Now the faucet was nothing special by any means, just a builders model with a pull out faucet.
I cleared out the area as the dishes were starting to pile up a bit, and had a look. I checked under the counter to see it there was any restrictions as something like a pinched supply can do this from time to time.
I of course found nothing. I shut off the faucet on the valves below and started to take the faucet itself apart. Most of the time they have an Allen key to hold the handle and then a standard Phillips head screw to remove the inner workings.
I took it all apart and removed the cartridge, and to my surprise it seemed as though it was damaged but not damaged. The gasket on the body had sheered off and a section of it was lodged inside the cartridge itself causing the temperature change.
Now the interesting part is that it was not damaged enough to cause a viable leak that could have been traced back to this particular problem. I called the manufacturer and sure enough it was a fairly common problem with this type of faucet and because of this they had discontinued the line.
Now normally this is not a problem for us because manufacturers like to have the same parts in many different models of faucets but this one was different. They had not only discontinued the line but they no longer make repair parts either.
I went in and talked to the customer, he was not happy, nor could I blame him. He told me to get another base style faucet and to replace it completely. I carry stock in my service truck so I was very happy to oblige.
I took the old faucet out fairly easily, removed the supply connections and the pullout section. It was pretty easy as this was a newer home. I set the new faucet up, bolted it in place from under the counter and as normal
I replaced the supply tubes. I got it all back in working order in pretty good time to save a little on the bill. The customer requested that I leave the old one there so that we could send it back to the manufacturer as well as a letter with his obvious discontent.
Lots of times we see this in the field when either parts are unavailable or they just take forever to get. A few different times I have been caught waiting for up to 6 weeks for a repair part to get out to me from the U.S.

One thing is for sure, when buying a new house or even an older home, make sure that you have all kinds of documentation from any upgrades of any sort. Even if it is the small repair you had done because when you sell your house it's easy to trace back all the repairs, replacements and substitutions that you have done over the years. I promise, the next tradesman that comes in to fix something will be very grateful to have a history available.