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Rough in
Rough in As we all know as homeowners, sometimes we make changes to our washrooms as out family needs change. Years of having the same fixtures and layouts can become boring and when we want to sell our property the washroom is a great place to start.
In this case, there was a couple that was looking to facelift their home, both in the basement and the main washroom. The main washroom was a simple facelift, moving the toilet to a larger open space and changing out the pedestal basin for a vessel style.
In the basement there was no existing washroom, and the gentleman wanted to have a powder type room and a wet bar.
Draincom team started in the main washroom, as it was the most convenient for the customer. The first few days was demolition, removal of the fixtures tiles and drywall complete with the existing flooring that was to be changed.
Moving the toilet seemed to be pretty simple, but the direction of the joists would determine it in the end. We had to remove the drainage and rough in everything all over again because where the toilet drain ran down, the stack position had to move.
We did so pretty quickly but there was a need to have a new bulkhead built to cover the new position.
In a washroom where there is a toilet close to the basin, we often use what is called a "Wet Vent". Essentially this is a drain from one fixture serving as a vent for another.
In this case our team chose to use the new "Basins" as the "Wet Vent" for the new toilet. The venting for the bathtub and the drains did not change, as it was to remain.
The new water line for the toilet was relocated with the use of some pex piping a well as the new basin lines. Pex is often used mostly in a residential application although it is rated for commercial use as well.
Pex is cross-linked polyethylene, very durable and fairly easy to install, a nice choice in this case.
After the completion of the new rough in, we waited a few days to have the rest of the work completed, new drywall, electrical, tiles and such.
We came back to a wonderful newly completed washroom ready for the finishing. The carpenters had set the basin cabinet into place and all was ready. The toilet was set using a wax ring and new bolts, carefully installed and the bolts sawed off properly to allow the installation of the bolt caps.
After we initialized the water lines, we thoroughly tested the fixture and all was reported in good working order. The trim kit for the shower was installed on the existing Moen shower valve, and really looked nice, new and clean with the new tiles the customer has selected.
The new cabinet had been installed so set up was the most important part. A vessel sink is the type that sits "Above" the countertop and is a very nice attraction to the washroom.
We set everything into place and drilled the hole for the drain through the top of the cabinet on each side. The customer wanted to have a high gooseneck type faucet with a single hole.
After the basins were set into position and the first part of the drain connected, we then centered out the faucet and drilled a hole to accommodate the installation. Out team then set the two faucets into their respective drilled holes and connected the water lines.
The drains were installed by after the first connection was made via the PO Plug assembly, the trap was installed then a short piece of piping from the outlet side of the trap to a trap adapter.
After the installation of the sinks, the test was made. 2 Tests to be exact. When testing a new basin, We like to do a "Static" test. We will plug the drain and fill the basin up the brim, then will allow it to sit for a few moments to allow the PO plug to remain under "Static Pressure" to make sure the connection is good.
We then actuate the mechanical plug to allow the water through the drains to test to new drain lines.

When moving fixtures around a washroom, there are a great many things that can go wrong as well as architectural issues that can arise. Be aware that even though our experts do this type of work all the time, there are things that we run into on certain jobs that cannot be seen from the outside of the walls.