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Water Main Replacement
Water Main ReplacementIt is very hard even to this day to tell if you have a watermain leak. The easiest way is to have water coming up your front lawn and running down the street. There are only a few ways to properly detect these. When you finally do locate the source of the extra ground water, this process can be very invasive, costly, and a general pain to all those involved. Draincom received a call several months ago, the process was very easy to determine. Our specialist spoke with the homeowner, that had previously had the very same problem a few years ago. We assured the customer that we would be on site in a short time and then we could get down to the determination as to what was happening.

Here is the full story spoken by our professional:

On the inside of the house the exterior wall had a large crack and there was a lot of water coming through. Being that it was a little chilly, I knew that group water was out. I had a look outside and I found that the city had been doing some water main work along the street, therefore the city mains were most likely out. I had a look at the water box outside, took my trusty key and shut it off. Within minutes the water had almost subsided flow on the inside from the foundation crack.

I soon turned the water back on and scheduled for the next morning. The run of piping was only 40 ft, and therefore pretty short by our definition. The excavation started at 8am the next morning and I was very surprised. Code says that all external water lines must be below the frost line to prevent freezing and more importantly cavitation. This is what happens when the ground freezes and is displaced by the frost. The main water line was barely 4ft deep, illegal by the code standard and poorly done. We continued to excavate and found that the lines were not run very straight, and some sections were lower than others. As I replaced the waterline I could only imagine whom had bee there previously to do the same job. The line was 3/4 copper pipe, I excavated inside the house for the new line and the new stop and waste valve.
When all was said and done, the customer was over the moon happy. She had many pictures of the previous work and the new work that I had completed and she was breathless as to the quality of work.