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How Toronto Basement Leaks Could Be
Putting Your Family’s Health At Risk!!


In these tough times when we find our great city of Toronto, like many others, in an economic downturn, many homeowners want to save money by doing home repairs themselves.  This sounds great if you know what you are doing.  This is not always the case with plumbing repairs, especially basement leaks. Not only could you be putting your family’s health at risk but you could be wasting thousands of dollars! 

Many homeowners like to watch the do-it-yourself shows on TV but if you are not a licensed plumber then you could end up costing you time, making any basement leaks worse.  This could cause further damage to your homes foundation, drywall and flooring which we all know can be expensive to fix.  Never mind the possibility of bringing those unwanted critters into your home like bugs and rodents! 

In Toronto, with the many older homes throughout the city, there can be problems with asbestos, mould & lead paint.  Moisture and water from leaks in your basement can make these problems worse!If you don’t know what to look for and how to deal with these problems, or if you procrastinate in fixing these problems, you could get hurt or sick, or worse, your children could get sick! 

You are best to leave fixing leaky basements to the professionals, and get them fixed as soon as you discover them!  If you notice anyone in your home coughing or feeling lightheaded and ill in a certain area of your home and you can not explain the illness any other way, start investigating, and call us- this could be a mold problem! 

Besides the time wasted and possible health issues trying to fix basement leaks yourself, it can also cost you money!  You may not buy the right materials or know how to properly use the materials or try fixing it with the tools your kids got you for Christmas last year.  (Lets face it - we are not all handymen!)  It’s OK.  That’s what we are there for.  We are Toronto basement waterproofing experts and our work is guaranteed! 

Now that you understand why you should hire a professional, you should be aware that there are many different types of basement leaks and where to find them. 

Foundation leaks can sometimes be tricky to locate and can be expensive and difficult to fix.  Sometimes they can be found by feeling drywall for cool spots and dampness.  Water may seep underneath baseboards onto your floors and into your carpet.  These need to be dealt with immediately!  Mould can grow in less than 24 hours! 

Our state of the art video camera inspection help our team of experts locate problems in your pipes and walls to deal with your problem quickly and permanently. 

Sump pump failures are a common cause of basement leaks in Toronto homes and can be very messy and costly if not dealt with quickly and properly.  As soon as you see ANY amount of black water in and around your basement drain -CALL US!  This water, if left for any length of time gets very smelly and can cause serious health issues.

Sewer and drain backups are inevitable in older homes but can be prevented with a regular maintenance and sewer/drain cleaning

Window wells and window well drains are a bothersome but easy basement leak to fix.  Look for moisture and mould around your window sills.  We can weather proof your windows and prevent moisture from entering your home causing damage to window sills and drywall, not to mention the heat loss! 

Frozen pipes can explode at any time when the weather turns warmer after a cold spell.  That is why it is so important when turning off outside water for the winter that you leave your outside taps open!  If you have forgotten to do this then call us now and we can thaw your pipes before the spring, preventing any burst pipes into your home.  

Old inside and outside weeping tiles should be replaced if leaks are re occurring in your basement.  If you have ever had a flood in your basement, then it is not something you ever want more than once! Don’t put your family’s health at risk!  Our drainage membrane system will guarantee no more leaky basements.  

Tree roots can also cause some serious problems with your pipes and drainage system.  Draincom can remove these for you and replace those old pipes with our state of the art trench-less pipe replacement with NO damage to your homes beautiful landscaping! 

Other services we offer that help prevent basement leaks that can occur from within your home are drain cleaning, backflow prevention, toilet unclog and repair and main sanitary building trap removal just to name a few. 

Any of these basement leaks are repairable by our highly trained experts who all have many years of experience locating and repairing foundation problems.   Most of our work is guaranteed with a 25 year fully transferable warranty.  We understand that you and your family are busy and don’t have time for problems like leaky basements to interrupt your busy schedules.  We understand your time and money are valuable.  

Downtown Areas servicing:  East York, Allen Road, Eglinton, North York, Lawrance area, Yonge Street, Toronto. Also: Oakville, Mississauga, North York, Toronto, Etobicoke and the GTA.


Draincom understands the importance of quick response and guaranteed scheduling.  Our team of professionals will make this interruption in your life as painless as possible and leave your house as if the leak was never there!   To save your Toronto home from basement leaks of unrepaired cracks call today for a free estimate: 416-989-5757.