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Oakville Basement Waterproofing


One of the most important investments a homeowner in Oakville can make is to be certain that their basement has adequate waterproofing. It is important that this project is done by a licensed professional.  The basement is usually the last thing a home owner thinks about, because it is not readily seen. But in this case, out of sight should not be out of mind!  It is imperative that you determine how sound the foundation of your home is, particularly if it is an older model. 

Older homes, having had longer to acquire damage, are more prone to leaks and water damage.   You should have your basement assessed to determine that the appropriate weeping tiles are in place, as these are code standards now.  They may be in need of repair or need to be replaced.  You also need to assess what type of drainage system you have, and see if it best suited for your structure.  It is something to determine when you are going to have your basement waterproofed.

You may already suspect that you would benefit from having your basement waterproofed. You can determine some of the signs of a leaking basement yourself.  There is a musty smell in the room, and there is a feeling of dampness.    There are noticeable water spots on the walls, and floors of the basement.  There may even be accumulation of water in certain areas, particularly after rain, or melting snow.  If you have made one or several of these observations, you should consult with an expert in basement waterproofing.   

These signs of leakage and damage are often ignored, ironically because home owners are reluctant to investigate, fearing the expense. Basement waterproofing is not only restorative to the property; it acts as a deterrent for future damage. It also increases the value of your home.    That is why it is prudent to get a consultation with one of our company’s professionals.  A damp basement doesn’t necessarily mean a major overall and astronomic expense. 

It is important to attend to this as soon as possible, as leaks never get better, but they get much, much worse. Also, moisture in the basement, left unchecked, leads to mold and mildew, and these contaminants in your home pose a serious health risks for your family and pets. 

When you consult with one of our basement waterproofing professionals, there is a check list of procedures that may be done in order to complete this project.  Only the necessary repairs and procedures will be done, no extraneous recommendations will be made. 

The source of the leaks must be determined and repaired. This can include repairs to the foundation walls, cracks in the concrete, brick, and stone foundations. Crawlspaces are examined, as they are often overlooked as areas that are damaged. 

As part of the assessment for basement waterproofing, the weeping tiles must be examined and repaired, if necessary replaced, inside and out. The sump pump must be examined and repaired or replaced.  Window wells need to be installed or repaired. Storm drains need to be inspected, and if necessary repaired. 

The waterproofing compound is applied to the entire basement, including all crawlspaces, as well as window wells and window well drains. The foundation is resurfaced and you now have a comfortable, dry basement.

 Basement waterproofing is a relatively affordable home improvement project that will save you money in the long run. You will feel comfortable and secure knowing you have made the environment in your home in Oakville healthy by removing dampness,  and possible mold.  You will also have more usable living space.  With the basement dry and comfortable, you may want to use it for more than just storage-perhaps turn it into an extra study, or exercise room. 


Draincom understands the importance of quick response and guaranteed scheduling.  Our team of professionals will make this interruption in your life as painless as possible and leave your house as if the leak was never there!  For basement waterproofing of cracked or leaky foundations in your Oakville home or business, call today for a free estimate: 416-989-5757.