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Funny Plumbing Contests

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Entries and Results of Funny Plumbing Picture Caption Contest

Entries and Results of Funny Plumbing Stories Contest

Ongoing Photo contest "Toronto flood 2013" Prize $ 100

Funny Plumbing Picture Caption Contest 2012

Monthly Funny Plumbing Picture Caption Contest Winners

The winning caption: Ski immersion toilet : getting things moving fast!, Excelent M.

Other received suggestions:

Just Close your eyes - and let er' rip.

- once you take off, you'll be happy we installed it
-trust me, you'll need this
-you'll understand when you go…

Make your sitzmark
WOW Slider

Wow if i push hard it goes fast !!!

"The Throne Zone"

Skiing, seems like a pretty shitty sport to me.

How Olympic Gold Nuggets are won!

point your toes inward

You can tell that this ski 'run' will scare the s--t out of you!

"Perfect for Mexican food-loving skiiers!"

downhill skis for sale, lighted soiled

"Oh Crap!"

I think I opened the wrong door for the washroom

Have a seat for a thrill of a life time."

Use as a urinal not recommended.

Why just ski jump when you can ski dump?
The new extreme sport!


Finally, a solution for the overly nervous ski jumper!

Ground control to Major Tom
Commencing countdown engines on

Flusharized ski option available for new beginners. Sit tight on the toilet.

Flusharized ski option available at this scenic mountain resort. Steep incline for a new beginner.

The winning caption: 1 star resort, Peter

Other received suggestions:

Naked bum, toilet seat, I feel right at home on this sandy beach!!!

Who are you and what are you doing in my washroom?

what is a toilet doing on the beach should it be in a washroom


(Overheard Tourist) "This is the crappiest beach I've ever been to."

I've always wanted a fresh water tank

Think we have a snake long enough for this one?

Hun! I think the septic system is backed up, again!

Hmmmm.... should I swim before I flush or after?

Back from whence you came foul beast

The sad truth

Swim at your own risk!

You'll want to make sure you finish before the tide comes in

Kohler's new prototype of a low flow toilet

The winning caption: Toilet is off to the right. You can't miss it. Just keep walking., Gavin

Other received suggestions:

Welcome to the Great Wall of holding it in

New laxative will work in 6 hours. Distance is 10 miles. Start walking!

Look out below!

The winning caption: Music to the rears!, Anne

Other received suggestions:

Blow it out your (r)ear!

You've done a bang up job - now everything down the tuba!

Toilet Jazz. Frequent performance. Free tickets

Band in the Can

Time for a musical movement!

Chopin's Excremento in the #2 Symphony

Music to my ears

I'm going to "play the tuba"

The winning caption: 100% eco-friendly washroom,Alex

Other received suggestions:

The Out-ing House

Go on the go!

The #1 form of transportation, and #2!

The winning caption: For certified users only , Tim

Other received suggestions:

New space age toilet gives new meaning to the words “MOON LANDING”. Fire extinguisher included for those “Spicy” days.

All these features and it doesn't come with toilet paper?

Never miss another commercial

It's so exciting! I completely forgot what I came for?

I don't even need a book!

The winning caption: Create your own 3D-TV experience, on a budget! , Phillip

Other received suggestions:

Anybody see the cat?

TV is leaking. Needs waterproofing.

Free foot spa with the purchase of flat screen TV furniture combo. You’ll be the envy of your neighbours!

I thought the weather report said the flood was next week!

The winning caption: New strong laxative testing,Alex

Other received suggestions:

Potty of one.

- Are you privy to the recipe?
- Water closet al fresco.
- Dinky dinette ode du flush

And this one is "Just Right"

I’ll have the #2 please

Chinese food goes right through me!

Eat, secrete, eliminate, repeat.

Gives meaning to "eating on the runs..."

Potty Mouth Restaurant: Where People Chew, and Bowels Move

Don't do it at home

Does it taste as ... it looks?

Restaurant for extremely busy people

Slogan "We never have a line to the restroom"

The winning caption: On the double,Marine

Other received suggestions:

- Him: Okay, bank shot, off the wall, to the trash can, hit the flusher, don’t hit the rim, and in it goes!
- Her: Eww, this explains the mess.   Duane

- You're tired of me leaving the seat up, I'm tired of hearing you complain. Well, here you go, Happy Anniversary!

- The family that sprays together...   Sebastien

- one for mommy, one for daddy and one for me in between!   Susan

Now there's no arguing in the washroom...   Gabriel

- It won't be a stylish marriage, I can't afford a carriage... but you'll look sweet, upon the seat, of a toilet built for two   Phillip

The winning caption: Man, these guys need to aim better..., Gabriel Other received suggestions:

- Ok, tell George, no more experiments on bowl movements,  Mary

- Alright, someone said there was a blockage in here.... Where? There's nothing in the toilets...   MaryKelly

- Well, at least nobody's photographing me and using it in a contest

- All you can eat taco day at the office turned out to be a bad idea.   MaryBrad

- Yup, I see the problem ... you have a leak."   MaryDeanna

- Hey George get my snorkel ! I'm going to have to find that floor drain.   Trent

- You are up to your knees in WHAT??"    Bonnie

- If I let the water get a little higher, I can just start flushing it away!   Sean

- Piddle me this!

Low flow toilets, my ass!!!"   Karry

And this is why I do not have my husband fix my toilet!!   Sheila

Where do I install the fishing rods?   Susan

- Now the fun part of my job, which one of these toilets caused all this! Is it TOILET NUMBER 4?    Gary

- Flush This!    Victor

- Why do I always get stuck cleaning up after the fraternity party?    Andrea

- I’m sure I told the boys the swimming pool was to go in the building next door.    Anne

- After Beerfest   Sean

- Plumbing Certification Exam   Pit

Funny Plumbing Stories Contest

We want to encourage everyone to share their or their friends plumbing or waterprofing related stories.
Your stories will help us to prepare ourselves for an uncommon plumbing tasks and situations and will make our visitors smile or happy with "not having" such funny problems.

Send your funny, strange or weird plumbing story to contact.draincom@gmail.com and we'll repost it on this page.

Once we've done that, the other visitors can vote on whose story they think is the best, and at the end of each month we'll select The Funniest Plumbing Story of the Month!

The general rules still apply, so please keep them appropriate! Feel free to post several different stories if you or your friends have them.

US $100

The story will need to be in English; we advise that it should be related to waterproofing or plumbing services and have a "happy ending" (or at lest "funny ending").
You can send any number of NEW stories each month.
NO spam, advertisements, links to other sites or "bad stuff"
You can send us a replacement of previously applied story
We might send you emails back to the address name you supply with questions on your story, and you might receive a confirmation, so the email address must be valid.

-Email your Name, email address and your story to contact.draincom@gmail.com
-The competition is open to all ages.
-All appropriate stories will be posted on this site.

-The winning story of the month will be decided on 4th of each month by the Draincom Inc. marketing team
-The winner participant(s) will then be contacted by the Draincom Inc.

Good luck, and have fun!

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Recent stories:

Funny Plumbing Stories Contest

Expensive Bubbles

Our plumbing headaches unfortunately began at the very inopportune time of a Friday night. When we pulled the toilet handle we could hear the appropriate flushing sound and significant bubbling action in the toilet bowl but the water would not drain, it just remained in the toilet bowl, mocking us.
This was particularly surprising, frustrating etc. to us as the toilet had been purchased and installed less than a year before. We knew that calling out a qualified plumber on a Friday night or during the weekend may be quite an expensive fix so we devised a very, very inconvenient, but effective, way to clear and fill the toilet bowl ourselves by pouring three jugs of water after each use until we could have a professional check it out on Monday.
Monday rolled around bringing a capable young man into our bathroom to assess the 'plumbing emergency.' He was only in there for a few minutes before discovering that a chunk of the blue product that we regularly buy to pretty up our toilet bowl water (so it could pretend to be from the Caribbean Sea or from a much more attractively exotic destination than just boring ol' toilet bowl water) had become lodged under the suction cup in the tank allowing some of the water to drain (our bubbling noise) but not enough to drain or fill the bowl properly as usual.
It was quite embarassing for us but it's a great thing to have capable individuals able to recognize these problems before we wasted even more of our time filling and dumping three jugs of water every time we attempted to use our toilet!

Scary Story
There was a plumber at my house and I was home alone, but the plumber didn't know I was there. He was working under the sink. And I snuck up on him. I was only 5, but I tapped in his shoulder and he got so scared he jumped and hit his head on the sink pipes, and I don't know what he was doing but the pipe came loose and some water came out and soaked him. It's a good thing he remembered to turn off the water to the house.

I rent a house from my parents who live across the street. If you’ve ever seen the TV show Everybody Loves Raymond, well that’s my family. My boyfriend and I know nothing about plumbing, so when the tap in the kitchen started dripping randomly one day I called the landlords who also happen to be my parents. My dad who is a Mr.Fix it all want to be handy man decides he can fix it himself. But who am I to say anything. I let him go at his thing. After about 2 hours with his head under the counter he tells me he’s going to the hardware store to pick up the pieces he needs. When he gets back and continues with his work all I hear is swearing and grumbling coming from the kitchen. I ask him if there is anything I could do to help and he asks me to get a towel. When I get back my kitchen has now become a swimming pool, and my 13 month old daughter is crawling around in the water and having the time of her life. She doesn’t have a big vocabulary yet but she knows the word ”Mess” (which she kept repeating). She thought it was the funniest thing to see grandpa soaked and running around like a mad man. After a quick clamp, a few more towels to clean up and a change of clothes my dad finally admits defeat and calls one of his friends who is an ACTUAL plumber. Since I started renting here any time we’ve needed any home repairs my dad has usually been able to help. But from now on I think paying for a plumber might be the best choice for leaky taps.

Don't Do It At Home
My husband once used a AX to dig deeper into a hole to bury a plant further - he thought he was chopping tree roots but instead it was our underground water sprinkler system.
This $100 would help us fix this "mistake" - hahahah

Bathroom Floor is Soaking Wet
A tenant of ours kept calling us to tell us that each time he showered his bathroom floor was soaking wet when he was done. We went to check on the house and each time everything seemed in perfect working order. The 5th time, we asked our tenant to show us what was going on and he turned the shower on as usual and the water started pouring onto the floor. We burst out laughing and told him he needed to put the shower curtain on the INSIDE of the tub next time!!!

That Drain Was a Real Strain on My Brain!

I was on my annual fishing trip with the guys having a great time drinking a few brewskies after catching some nice big suckers, when my cell phone rings. I picked up the call and on the other end is my wife who frantically tells me to come home right away because the basement is flooded. Luckily, I was on my first beer and was still quite sober enough to be able to drive home. Still, I was rather angry that the basement was flooded and that I had to cut my fishing trip short. I am thinking to myself, why is the basement flooded when I just had the foundation cracks repaired last month?

Anyways, by the time I got home it was three o’clock in the morning and my wife was waiting up for me. Before going down to the basement, I decided to put on my green hip waders that I had used on the fishing trip. My wife laughed at me and said I looked like a big fat bullfrog! Well, let her amuse herself, I have no time to make a fashion statement at that time of the morning!

I was worried about what I disaster I would find waiting for me in the basement. After all, the basement was my "man cave" where me and the guys would watch hockey games and football games on my big screen TV while we ate pizza and chicken wings. When I got down there I was horrified to find about a foot of water there. Well the carpet was certainly ruined but luckily my big screen TV was okay since it was on a nice high stand. I figured the floor drain must be backed up because the water was not draining.

So I found a website for "DrainCom" on the internet. They advertised that they were a basement company which is just what I needed. The ad also mentioned that they could fix a backed up drain and that they had 24 hour emergency service. They also mentioned that they repaired foundation cracks. Perhaps I should have called DrainCom to do that job for me also! Anyways, I knew I needed an expert plumber from DrainCom to fix my backed up floor drain. So I called DrainCom and they said they would send somebody right away. I decided to wait for them on the front porch while I had a smoke. I waited in anticipation for a truck with DrainCom written on the side. A short while later, I was so happy to see a DrainCom truck pull up in my driveway!

The first thing the plumber does when we get to the basement is he turns off the garden hose connected to the laundry tub faucet that was spewing out water. That was amazing, like some kind of psychic big fish he finds the source of the water! Next he pumps out the water. When all the water is gone, he takes the lid off of the basement drain and starts fishing in there with some sort of weird contraption that only plumbers use.

Surprise! Surprise! He fishes out all these plastic figurines of cartoon villains. First, out comes Dr. Evil followed by Mr. Destructo, The Mean Green Man, Mr. Wackadoodle, The Axe Man, The Death Twins and on and on it went! I knew all their names because my seven year old son Jamie plays with them. Finally, the plumber says everything is "all clear" and that he would send me the bill. Heck, I had my fishing rod out in the car I could have fished out the evil doers myself and would have saved me some cash!

The next morning my wife and I asked Jamie if he had turned on the garden hose and took off the drain lid and shoved all those evil villains down the basement drain. He said that he wanted to drown all the evil people and send them down to the "underworld" as he called it because they do evil things and hurt people. My wife and I did not know whether to laugh or cry! My son realized the difference between good and evil so how could I punish him for that? I said, "That’s right Jamie good should win out over evil but the next time you want to do something like that call daddy and we will fight all the evil doers together!" With that I went into a karate stance and let out a big war cry, "Ahhhhhhhhhh!" We all laughed hysterically! DrainCom solved my basement drain problem and all was well again!


Prohibited Drain Solution

A plumber friend was working on a construction site.
While he was working on the pipes, he realized he needed to go number two, really badly.
Seeing as the pipes weren't finished, he looked around for a solution. The only thing available was a plastic bag.
He gingerly positioned himself over the bag and used that. After he finished, he realized he had no where to put the bag.
He proceeded to throw it out through the empty window into the lot below.
He was hoping it would make it into the ditch that held other garbage on the construction site.
But, it made an unlucky bounce, and landed on the doorway. While standing at the window, trying to decide what to do, he saw his boss walking toward the doorway.
His unfortunate boss stepped right onto the plastic bag, causing the contents to spill all over.
To this day, his boss still has no idea where the bag came from.


Life or Flood?

So here's my story.
We were getting a new furnace installed and the water tank moved at the same time.
As expected there was lots of noises coming from the basement. One of the noises was water running.
I didn't really pay to much attention because I just figured they had drained the water tank to move it and it was refilling.If there had been a problem
I knew the men were down there and would be able to deal with it. The water continued running for quite some time.
Eventually there was knocking on the door at the top of the stairs.
It turned out the workers had broke a water pipe and had been searching for the shut off valve.
They hadn't wanted to come get me because I had a large dog upstairs with me and they were afraid of it.
After the water got a few inches deep they decided they really did need to take the risk of running into the dog to come get me to shut off the water.


Plumbing or Swimming

Customer called
"I have an emergency situation here... I have 3 feet of water in my basement, how much does it cost to snake the main drain" he said in a panic.
Lady in the office replies "it would cost roughly $140 dollars to snake your main line".
"$140 dollars!" he exclaimed "I’d rather take swimming lessons" he states loudly as he hung up the phone.

Congratulations and $100 check went to:
Plumber Pit

Quick Plumbing

A plumber friend of mine got an urgent call to rescue a lady in distress - her false teeth had fallen into the toilet and she wouldn't put her hand in to retrieve them.
He reached into the toilet, plucked them out, rinsed them under cold water and handed them to her, whereupon she promptly popped them back in her mouth!!!!!!!!
Easiest money he ever made.


Quick Plumbing 2

I was on the GO Train one day when my boyfriend contacted me about how his toilet was overflowing.
He was home alone with his sister and did not know what to do and the water was leaking through the floor.
He soon figured out how to turn the water to the toilet off and he had the water that was coming through the ceiling going into buckets.
Now everything is fine, they need a new paint job and probably shouldn’t turn on the lights, as for the toilet and plumbing I am not sure.


Toilet Pirate

I was called out on a regular - clogged toilet - call.
I plunged and snaked and had no luck so had to take the toilet out.
When I looked the other way, I could see the problem.
I wrote a bill to the customer - To Remove Pirate from Toilet, arrggh!
Their little boy had sent a bath toy for a swim in the toilet.


Cat - Plumber

We had our house completely redone, top to bottom, and had a dishwasher installed (never had a dishwasher before the reno's).
We also have a cat who doesn't like anyone to lie down on the floor; she tries to "rescue" you by meowing and sticking her little foot into your mouth.
She panics, walks around in circles around your head, stopping only long enough to put her foot in your mouth or by your nose, etc.
The poor plumber, working underneath the kitchen sink, struggling away, began to ask me questions about our cat, wondering how old she is, what her name is, etc. I thought "boy, odd, but nice guy."
About 20 minutes or so went by, when he finally asked me if I wouldn't mind getting my cat out from under the sink...

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Don't DIY Plumbing Story

I moved into an old house, circa 1925.
It had pretty much been updated except for 1 piece of old cast iron pipe in the basement that ran over top of my washer/dryer and was the catch drain (no idea if that is the correct term??) for the water coming from the kitchen sink.
I noticed the kitchen sink was sluggish, so being a single mom, with 2 kids still living at home, I thought the cheapest way to fix the sink would be one of those "instant plumbing" canisters that you place over the sink drain and it blasts air through the system.
Wow!! Did it ever work nicely, the water never ran so freely!!
Several days later I went downstairs to do some laundry and saw all this "crud" all over the top of my
washer...rusty colored water and chunks of "stuff"...totally gross.

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Plumbing Nightmare

Our plumbing story was not a funny one; more like a nightmare.
On a Saturday evening, just over a year ago, after my husband had just laid the last board of our new hardwood flooring throughout our condo, the water shutoff valve blew out of the wall.
Because it was 5 PM Saturday, the plumber was out for dinner with his family.
It was more than an hour before he could come to our rescue.
Meanwhile, no one in our condo community knew where to find the main shutoff for the building.
The plumber later located it under a hedge, across the parking lot and street from our residence.

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Unfriendly Dishwasher

This is so insane it's hard to believe. I was 27 years old and moved into a brand new condo rental with my best friend (at the time!). The condo came with a dishwasher which neither of us had ever owned before. We had a small dinner party to christen the condo and thought we would take advantage of the dishwasher when clean up time came around.
Did you know, that if you forget to buy dishwasher powder, that regular dish washing liquid that you would use in the sink when doing dishes by hand DOESN'T work?! I sure wish we had known that then. We stupidly filled the little hole with liquid detergent and then we went out for a walk.
When we came home the entire condo from the kitchen to the front door was filled with suds! It was like the worlds biggest bubble bath. The floor was soaked, as was the hall way carpet and the living room carpet which was wall to wall.

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Gushing with Excitement

It was a regular workday in my office and, while typing at the computer, I realized my bladder was full.
The staff washrooms were located outside of my office, down a corridor on the same floor.
I left the office and turned the corner to enter the hallway. Upon rounding the corner, I saw a few co-workers standing outside the entrance of the woman’s bathroom and peering inside its open door.
As I approached I could hear a gushing sound. My co-workers told me one of the toilets was overflowing and looked like it wouldn’t stop flushing itself.
Two of us quickly power-walked/jogged to the maintenance staff office to see if they could repair the issue however their office was empty.
In the meantime, the group around the washroom door began to grow, drawn by the sound of running water and curiosity as to why so many people were huddled together.
One of the onlookers left to telephone maintenance to notify and ask they come immediately.
In the meantime it was like when you are driving by a horrific traffic accident and can’t look away.
By this point the water was seeping slowly out of the washroom and down the corridor floor in both directions.
I was mesmerized by watching the water and maintenance staff were nowhere in sight.
Soon a male co-worker appeared and, upon confirming with the group (mainly women) that there were no women inside using the toilet area, he puffed up his chest like a superhero (the "Masked Plumber"?) and stomped into the washroom.

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Christy B.

Vacuuming Up Basement Water

One day last spring I woke up to a foot of water in my basement.
I called work to let them know I wasn't coming in that day then proceeded to begin vacuuming it up with my wet vac.
I was at it for a couple of hours and noticed that it would go down and then come back.
In the meantime, I had called the city and explained the situation (thinking maybe a pipe had burst) and they sent a guy out to check the water mains.
First they had to find the 'key' on my front lawn and dig it out; then they brought a huge vacuum truck out and started vacuuming the line.
A few more hours went by as they did this; in the meantime, I'm still in the basement vacuuming up water.
The mystery continued as the many, many city workers tried to figure out the problem...

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Lynne H.

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