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When it comes to your home, we know you don’t just want any plumber.  You want someone you can trust and count on for quality, courtesy and timeliness.  We aim to be your partner for plumbers in Etobicoke.  Our performance will speak for itself.

Water can be detrimental or beneficial depending on the application.  To the foundation of your home, you want it protected from water.  Running water through your pipes properly, can be not just a convenience but an essential part of life.  Our Etobicoke neighborhood plumbers know what you are going through and how to deal with all types of situations, from pipe inspection, to bathroom rough-ins, to repairing and waterproofing your basement, and all things in between.

We are at your disposal 24 hours a day, everyday, to serve and assist you.  Our Etobicoke and GTA plumbers deliver top notch, friendly and knowledgeable service.  We work around your schedule to optimize your quality of life during a potentially stressful time to make it as convenient for you as possible.

Our plumbers are not just skilled at their trade but honest and strive to earn your respect.  We value your job, no matter the size and want to build a relationship with you so that should you require us at any other time, we are your first choice.  We want you to be able to tell your neighbors, and our neighbors about how pleased you are with our service to you.

We value your feedback and opinions, and we measure our key performance indicators with the competition and are proud that our plumbers’ service rates are top in the residential industry.  Our teams of trades’ people are highly skilled specialists, and value quality.

We provide clear and reasonable quotes with competitive rates.  Our team is dedicated to building our reputation as an excellent GTA and Etobicoke plumber service provider and creating customer loyalty through quality assurance.

Understanding the work that is required is important for you to have confidence in the work being done.  The plumbers we have on our team have the capability and knowledge to explain every part of the process because we want you to be educated and at ease, not left in the dark. 

Our experienced technicians will provide you the courtesy, respect and expertise that you will feel confident with to have in your home, to work on your residence.  We know your home is a valuable asset that you want to maintain and secure and our plumbers know you want to feel safe and comfortable with the work they do on it. 

Through our 24 hour customer support centre, plumbers can be dispatched to your location immediately, with truck and tools ready.  We utilize the latest technology and techniques for ensuring the best performance in all the work performed on your home.

Our Etobicoke plumbers understand the importance of high standards and quality workmanship.  The health of your home and family can rest in the balance and we want you to have peace of mind.  Service with integrity is our goal so we are your first choice when it comes to plumbing experts.

Our objective is not just to be your neighborhood professional tradesperson of choice, but to have a relationship as a trusted friend you can count on.  Let our plumbers in Etobicoke impress you with our strengths and performance and you can depend on our home solutions, to be your solutions. 


Draincom understands the importance of quick response and guaranteed scheduling.  Our team of professionals will make this interruption in your life as painless as possible and leave your house as if the leak was never there!  For a trusted Etobicoke plumber you can count on 24-7, for your home or business, call today for a free estimate: 416-989-5757.