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Drain repair, Plumbing & Basement Waterproofing Terms and Definitions
Leak Detection - If your water bill has been higher than usual or if you hear water running unexpectedly, you just might have a water leak. DrainCom's trained experts will find these leaks using state-of-the-art leak detection technology. Water Service Replacement - If you have low water pressure, dirty water because of old lead pipes (which are dangerous for your health), water service leaks creating floods inside your home or in your yard, the water service must be replaced

Camera Inspection & Pipe Locating & Inspection of Drains for New Homeowners
As a new home owner who's bought an older house, it is important to know the condition of the drains and the pipes leading from them. DrainCom considers drain inspection just as vital as any structural inspection, and we'll help you find any problems BEFORE you complete the purchase of your new house. If you've already purchased an older home, we can give you a status report on the existing drains and drainpipes, as well as recommend any needed repairs.
DrainCom can deploy pipe cameras that can be used in pipes up to 10" in diameter. We can provide you with the depth and location of the pipe that we are inspecting, and we can even give you a color video (with audio) upon request.

New Washroom Rough-ins - DrainCom specializes in new washroom rough-ins, including basement washroom rough-ins in finished or unfinished basements. Our quality craftsmanship means your finished washroom will be as trouble-free as can be. Backflow Prevention - Your water supply is vulnerable to contamination or pollution caused by backflow, in some cases caused by an overloaded city water main. If needed, DrainCom can install a backflow prevention valve that will protect your home or business's water supply and thus insure the health and safety of anyone using it.

Sump Pump Installation & Repair
A sump pump is the perfect solution to prevent basement flooding, and to ease dampness in homes that are located in areas with high water tables. By removing the water that accumulates in your basement's sump pit and sending it away from your home to a municipal storm drain or dry well, you will maintain the integrity of your foundation by keeping it dry.
A properly installed sump pump by DrainCom will do its job efficiently and quietly. Ask DrainCom's plumbing experts what type of sump pump best suits your needs and fits your budget.

Toilet Installation - Many homeowners today are switching to environmentally friendly water-saving toilets. Removing an old toilet and replacing it with a new one is not a simple matter, however. Trust DrainCom to make the switch quickly and safely.

Toilet Unclog & Repair - Call on DrainCom when your trusty plunger just can't cope with a clog. We also stock the most commonly used mechanical parts for toilets in our service trucks so you're inconvenienced for as short a time as possible.
Shower Faucet Installation - Shower faucets can be tricky to install, requiring specialized tools and a delicate touch so as not to damage finished tiling. DrainCom has the tools, training and techniques needed to install your new shower faucet.

Kitchen Faucet Installation - One of the most popular ways homeowners spiffy up their kitchens is by installing a new kitchen faucet. Problems can arise, however, when older fittings and pipes don't match those of the new faucet. Call DrainCom - problem solved!

High Pressure Water Jetting - High-pressure water jetting is an efficient way to clean drain and sewer lines in residential or commercial locations. It's quick, economical, safe for the environment and can be used on many types of piping.

Frozen Pipes Thawed - Frozen pipes can be a huge inconvenience and if they burst, they can cause expensive water damage. There are many ways to thaw frozen pipes, some are right and some are very, very wrong. DrainCom has the tools and equipment needed to thaw your pipes quickly, safely and without the risk of damaging your home's infrastructure.

Trenchless Pipe Replacement
Trenchless Pipe Replacement is the less costly and less invasive method of pipe replacement - "Trenchless" pipe replacement. Replace your existing pipes without major excavation, save money and don't worry about restoring grass, walkways or expensive landscaping.

Window well
Window wells can collect snow and water, and often contribute to dampness in basements. The base of a window well should consist of 150 – 200 mm (6 – 8 in.) of free-draining material, such as crushed stone, and must be below the bottom of the window.
Window wells are places where snow and water will naturally collect.

DELTA-MS membrane
DELTA-MS is an extremely tough and durable plastic membrane that "wraps" around your foundation to keep it warm and dry. It has unique "dimples" that serve to provide an "air-gap" and between damp soil and your dry foundation wall. The dimples interlock to allow sections of DELTA-MS to provide a water fast seal.
DELTA-MS protects 6 ways:
1) Keeps ground water away from foundation walls
2) Bridges cracks and gaps in the foundation.
3) Protects foundation walls from cracking due to stress caused by"
  a) water freezing and unfreezing in the surrounding soil.
  b) settling of soil around the foundation.
4) Ventilates the foundation concrete and allows it to breath and dry.
5) Collects condensation. The air gap supplied by DELTA-MS keeps the foundation slightly warmer than the DELTA-MS membrane. Moisture wicks out of the concrete and condenses on the DELTA-MS, not in or on the basement walls. That means no musty odours and a drier basement.
6) Supplies a path for any moisture that does collect between the foundation and the DELTA-MS membrane so that it flows down harmlessly to the drainage bed.