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DrainCom company provides plumbing services to all types and levels of difficulty, including: installation of water supply and sanitation, and the installation of sanitary equipment such as: whirlpools, showers, toilets and bidets, including expensive custom fittings equipment.


For a new installation there is not very much that can go wrong provided the rough-in for the fixture was done to the proper specifications, however an installation of a new toilet for a replacement is a different story.

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With the camera Draincom specialists can see the problem, give a pretty darn accurate assessment of how far out it is, where to dig and also what material was installed on your property by the type of connector used to join the pipes.

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If you are a homeowner that experiences constant drain blockages then you may need to have your drain pipe repaired or replaced. In this case, equipment like the SeeSnake video camera made by RIGID, which is a top of the line plumbing equipment brand, can be used by the DrainCom technician to locate the problem area of the drain pipe and even show the exact depth.

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Buying a new home is an exciting experience. At DrainCom, we have been providing drain inspection services for new homeowners and we know what and where to look for you.

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Your drains also need regular inspections. This is to prevent getting a flooded basement and having all the inconveniences associated with it.

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Drain flushing is one of the options for drain cleaning and in some cases it is the best option which consists of flushing the drain with high pressure water.

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In some areas that Draincom prodessionals have worked in where a new home is being build within a certain distance to a lake it is actually mandatory to have this fitting installed.

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Trenchless pipe replacement can even replace existing pipes with larger pipes, which might be necessary to accommodate a renovated structure, or an antiquated water system.

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Water has a tendency to follow the path of grade and if your floors and ceilings have a bit of a slope to them, well that is where the water is going to flow.

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Drain flushing is one of the options for drain cleaning and in some cases it is the best option which consists of flushing the drain with high pressure water.

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Whether it's a mysterious leak or water valve repair, we can handle the job no matter how complicated. We have the tools and the knowledge to fix pipe leaks and frozen pipes in any type of weather, all year round.

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It is highly recommended that you have the building trap removed if you are planning to renovate your basement in order to protect it from flooding.

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At DrainCom, our plumbers have an in depth knowledge of all the possible problems that can occur with toilets. We carry most of the essential and necessary parts to make the repair fast and inexpensively.

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As with most clogged drains, the first stages are always the same. Draincom plumbers are sure that everyone has had the "slow to drain" scenario or "gurgling". For detection in a bathroom or kitchen this is always the case but when the issue lies in the basement this can be a different story. Looking at a basement floor drain can be quite humbling, as you notice a nice "black ring" encompassing the general area or "standing water" on the floor. You always ask yourself, is it gone? Should I still be worried? The answer is "YES".

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Water Main Replacement

It is very hard even to this day to tell if you have a watermain leak. The easiest way is to have water coming up your front lawn and running down the street. There are only a few ways to properly detect these. When you finally do locate the source of the extra ground water, this process can be very invasive, costly, and a general pain to all those involved. Draincom received a call several months ago, the process was very easy to determine. Our specialist spoke with the homeowner, that had previously had the very same problem a few years ago. We assured the customer that we would be on site in a short time and then we could get down to the determination as to what was happening.

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Drain flushing is one of the options for drain cleaning and in some cases it is the best option which consists of flushing the drain with high pressure water.

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All of the properly built houses in Toronto and the GTA have floor drains installed to collect any water that gets in close proximity to the drain.

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A foundation drain is a vitally important part of a home waterproofing system. The foundation drain is located around the home's foundation wall on the outside at the footing level.

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If you are planning to add an extra washroom, kitchen or laundry or if you are moving them to a different location, we can definitely help.

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Weeping tile is an essential step to be taken when building a home and maintaining its interior integrity for years to come. A dry basement makes for a happy homeowner.

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Replacing a shower or tub faucet is not usually a quick fix because the connections are made behind a wall. However, there may be an access panel so you can get at the pipes without ripping the wall apart. Rely on Draincom professionals and your shower corner more attractive by installing a shower faucet.

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The main determinant of how easy or difficult it is to install a faucet is access. If the sink is already in place, replacing a faucet can be a challenge since your only access is from under the sink. This will require you to lie on your back and work around the supply lines to get to the mounting nuts that will secure the faucet. Call Draincom professionals for a booking to have the best value, and highest quality faucet installation done in your home or business office.


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During cold weather, pipes in your walls, attic or under your floor can freeze. Frozen pipes can crack or burst because as water freezes, it expands. With enough expansion, pipes will develop cracks. The cracks may not be visible but they will leak nonetheless when the ice melts. If a frozen section of pipe is caught in time, there may be no damage; but it must be thawed before any more freezing occurs.

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Plumber Training and Apprenticeship

When a young person decides to get into the trades it is very important to understand on how to do it successfully. There are a great many ways on how to approach it. The standard of apprenticeship lasts five years, 2250 hours per year. Let's go back to basics here, the first thing that you would have to decide is if you wanted to take a Pre-apprenticeship course or just get right into the thick of it and apply for a plumbing job.

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Plumbing Piping Installation

In plumbing there are several types of piping available. Some of the most commonly used piping is:

1) Copper types "M" "L" "K"
2) Steel (Black Iron)
3) Galvanized Steel Piping
4) Pex / Pex AL Pex
5) Kitech

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Sewage Ejectors

Sewage ejectors have been available on the market for many years. Anyone that has one installed can tell you that in the event that a gravity drain being available, this is the next best option. These style of toilets basically have a need for a water supply and the drain can be piped virtually to anywhere depending on the internal pump size. That being said, if you were thinking of having a basement washroom in a house that was on a septic system but did not want to install a sewage pit or ejector, this was the answer.

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Pipe Sizing For Drains

For the homeowner, a basic knowledge of the minimums that we find in the trade is always a good idea however. When faced with issues a homeowner can be of great information to the trades over the phone before we even get to the site. Also, we as professionals already have a baseline as to what things should and can be, but even we can be taken by surprise once and awhile.

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Draincom Emergency Plumbers are available 24 hours for plumbing repairs and other plumbing services.

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Plumbing has come a long way since it inception in the early 1500's. When we wake up in the morning we take for granted that our clean water will be there for coffee, shaving and shower, and the majority of the time it is there. It's only when we experience plumbing problems that we realize how much we value the amenity. And why shouldn't we? Modern indoor plumbing has not only provided us with the necessity of instant drinking water, clean kitchens and bodies, and a flourishing garden, but also with various luxuries like swimming pools,Jacuzzis and steam showers.

Fortunately, plumbing emergencies don't happen often, but when they do, it often raises your stress level very quickly. Be sure to know where the main shut-off valve is in your home, in the event that a plumbing leak arises. Individual fixtures like toilets, sinks and dishwashers often have their own shut-off valve to enable you to shut off water to that appliance without limiting water the rest of the house.

You may think of yourself as a bit of a handyman, but when it comes to plumbing, if you don't understand the key concepts of the building code such as venting, and draining flow, you may want to leave your plumbing renovations and repairs to a licensed professional. Other than a fire, nothing can damage your home and its contents faster than a flood or a major leak. Even a small leak left on its own can quickly grow into several thousands of dollars in damage. A leak can also create long term mould problems, which can be very difficult to find without tearing the walls or carpet of your home apart. If you want your plumbing renovation or repair done right and hassle-free the first time, we would be happy to offer you a quick and free estimate to help you and your family have your peace of mind back, and the home you have always wanted.
At DrainCom, every customer’s individual needs are important. Our focus of providing quality plumbing service and products combined with honesty and a friendly attitude, has made DrainCom the first choice - and the best choice - of residential and commercial clients alike.

Plumbing tips (please, read it before calling us)

Low Water pressure.
If you experience a low pressure in the water system please check this first before you call the plumbing company:
  • Go to the basement where the water pipe enters the house and make sure the shut off valve is fully open...
  • Open all the taps and faucets one by one to make sure that all of them have a low water pressure (if pressure drops when for example laundry is running please run it and check fixtures )
    The reason: the problem can be just a obstruction in one of the faucets or water pipe branches and can be much easily fixed.
  • Check the size of the pipe that enters the house (should be 3/4 inches or greater).
  • Please check the material that this pipe is made of (should be copper or plastic pipe) if it is maid of led or rusted metal pipe there are high chances that it does have settlements inside decreasing the size of the pipe and lower the water pressure.
  • Go outside and check the front yard to make sure no strangely wet areas or depression in the ground that may show that the water pipe is broken.
  • Ask your neiboroughs if they experience the same problem.
  • Call city and request a water test, find out if there any city side water pipe replacements schejuallad for your area.

Leak threw the sealing
If you have a leak threw the sealing:
  • Sometimes a running toilet upstairs may cause the problem. Water running all the time make pipe behind the wall or ceiling very cold and sweat.
  • Please check the toilet itself if it is stays firm and not moving it may cause leak threw the base seal.
  • Check that there are no holes or broken seal around a bathtub or shower
  • Shut main water valve and monitor if the leak has stopped.

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