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DrainCom Inc. the Great Toronto Area plumbing and waterproofing experts with a focus on providing great service. We focus a lot on keeping the customers happy and providing the best service. The problem is finding a way to communicate that we provide better service than everyone else. Some other benefits we offer to customers is cleanliness of their home, the best warranties in the GTA, the best expertise, and the best technicians. We are not the cheapest in the Great Toronto Area but we are the best. In May-July we provided a sogan contest for a slogans ideas to use on our website, flyers, T-shirts, hats.

And the WINNERS were:

1st prize                US $200
We seal it tight and do it right! Plumbing. Drains. Waterproofing.
Dan Hunnel

2nd prize               US $100
If it's strong enough to ruin your basement, we're strong enough to fix it!
Tessa Trampleasure,

3rd prize                US $50
We open the clogs and shut the leaks. Draincom is for all your plumbing & waterproofing needs
Hamilton Whitney

Thanks everyone for participating in the contest!

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List of Draincom Slogan contest submissions:

clean up your home problem
De-Junk Your Sinks Trunk
Don't let a drip spoil your sleep!
Don't stand in the rain - Call DrainCom
Drainage down? We conjure up solutions!
DrainCom - True Definition of Distinction
DrainCom - Your home deserves it!
DrainCom Inc. "Because Old Faithful belongs in the park!"
DrainCom Inc.: "Where a flush beats a full house!"
Draincom, fit for drips!
Draincom. The superhero to all of your pipe troubles.
Draining your problems away.
Easy Solution 4 plumbing & waterproofing
Easy Solution on your plumbing & waterproofing
fear.com for clogs and leaks
Give us your worst...and you'll see we're the best!
Got A Leak, Give Us A Peak!
If it's a bummer, use Draincom plumbers!
If it's a pain, let draincom drain!
If it's strong enough to ruin your basement, we're strong enough to fix it!
Leaks and cracks and backflow....oh my! At DrainCom, we know there's no place like home, and we will
Let your problems drain away
Thanks to DrainCom Inc., I "sealed the deal"!
the rocket scientists of plumbing
we open the clogs and shut the leaks
we're so good, we don't need a slogan
Won't get rid of your mother in-law, but'll get rid of your clogs!
you can sleep right knowing the pipes are tight
"#1 in water management
"Always ready to help."
"Contact us and", shh, "it's all downhill from there."
"Go with the Flow" Drain.com keeps your water moving
"The best thing you can do for your home!"
-DrainCom: Let our water experts work for you
-If your basement smells like a bunch of fingers being pulled, you should call us.
. Quality Service, Superior Warranties, Stay Calm with Drain.Com
A backup’s not fun cause when you gotta go, you gotta go!
After you contact us, it's all downhill from there.
All the rest is money down your drain!
All your plumbing needs, in one simple call.
An enema for you'r house!
Are you looking for top knotch plumbing service and quality customer care? You can wash your concerns down the drain with Draincom.
Are you tired of your rusty old drain? Why don't you use your brain!? And Call DrainCom! It Will Make You And Your House Happy!
Arr, the Best to Flush your Mush
At DrainCom, we flush and clear your problem away
aterproofing Your Plumbing Problems. DRAINCOM, The Leader in Providing Clients Spotless Service in Plumbing and Waterproofing
Be a smoot operator!
Because nothing happens till your Mother-In-Law visits - Draincom.com
Because your Colon isn't the only pipes that need cleansing
Because your money shouldn’t go down the drain
best plumbing and waterproofing for your home.
Best Waterproofing? Quality Plumbing? DrainCom's NEVER shortcoming!
better than the cheap guys
Call DrainCom 'cause life is watery enough
Call DRAINCOM for all you waterproofing and plumbing needs: It's "plumb" good!
Call DrainCom today and flush your worries (problems) away!
Call DrainCom when you want your pipes to open up and say ‘Ahhhhhhhhhh’!
Call Draincom, we are your help and you will be calm
Call DrainCom....we are plumb good at what we do!
Call DrainCom....we are plumb good at what we do!
Calm the clog with Draincom.
Clearly the best
Do it yourself can be a drain on your wallet. - leave the plumbing to us!
Do your business with the best in the business
Don't be a drip! Do it right! Drain com.. We are the experts in plumbing and weather stripping.
Don't drain your brain trying to unclog your pipes , use Drain.com
Don't drain your emotions; contact drain.com to keep your drains running smoothly
Don't drain your time and resources! DrainCom is the place for your plumbing and waterproofing needs!
Don't drain your time and resources! DrainCom is the place for your plumbing and waterproofing needs!
Don't freak, we fix the leak
Don't get soaked...Call the pro's!
Don't get sucked in by the competition. DrainCom for all your home plumbing and waterprofing needs.
don't sigh...let us keep you dry
don't sigh...let us keep you dry
Don't strain over your drain... Contact DRAINCOM today
Don't Strain To Clear Your Drain
Don't Stress over Wet-- Call DrainCom--The Rescue Business...
Don't take a leak! Get rid of it. Call Draincom Today!
Don't throw money down your drain!
Don't throw your money down the drain. Clear your pipes with the best.
Don’t throw your money down the drain. Just your clog.
Don’t trust just anyone’s butt crack.
dont get your hands dirty! let us do the job!
DOWN AND OUT at Drian.com
Drain your problems away
Drain, drain, drain away
Drain,Drain,Drain,DrainCom's your tool
Drain.com ...Drain Away Your Mess Not your MONEY!
Drain.com is the bomb...
Drain.com is your Toronto Area Plumbing and Waterproofing experts. We want nothing more than to see your family happy. After all a happy home is a happy family
Drain.com- we put the 'plum' in 'plumbing'
DrainCom - Don't pay less for more Crap
DrainCom "The Whitecoat Service Company"
DrainCom - Can't believe I didn't call them before!
DrainCom - Keeping Your Life and Your Pipes Running Smoothly
Draincom - keeps you flowing all the way....
DrainCom - Master Plumbers with the Platinum Touch
DrainCom - Perfection in Plumbing
DrainCom - providing fiber for your plumbing when you back up your drains
DrainCom - The only at the top!
DrainCom - When your house needs the runs
Draincom ..your plumbing & waterproofing solution
DrainCom Inc: "Fiber for my pipes"
DrainCom Inc: "I chose not to sleep with another drip"
DrainCom Inc: Sealed tight and flushed right!
DrainCom is flushing our competition. Competitive rates, superior service and sanitation in all your plumbing stations!
DrainCom makes your house Healthy, Safe, and Dry.
DrainCom Will Make Your Pipe Dreams Come True
Draincom won't SOAK you in debt! We have the best prices in town!
Draincom, anything they can do, we can do better!
Draincom, rain begone!
Draincom, the leading solution to your plumbing needs!
DrainCom, when you're tired of all the crap
Draincom, you'll see plumbing in a whole new way !
DrainCom,com: So you don't get down when things won't go down!
DrainCom. Let it flow.
Draincom. Your pipes worst enemy, your best friend.
Draincom.....let it pour!
Draincom....we drain to make you sain!!!
Draincom....We give your clogs the boot!
Draincom....we'll fix it...so you can flush it!!
DrainCom...When your life's getting backed up
Draincom...your only a flush away from freedom!!
Draincom...your solution for backup security!
DrainCom..Your plumbing & waterproofing solution
Draincom.com flushes all your troubles away.
Draincom.com flushes all your troubles away.
Draincom.com Hot & Cold plumbing waiters
Draincom.com, just plumb good for your house
Draincom.com: Free flow your house for a drip of a price.
DrainCom: RELY ON US
DrainCom: When You Need Someone
DrainCom: Flush. Smile. Repeat
DrainCom: Go with the flow
DrainCom: Unstoppable Unstoppers
DrainCom: Water where it belongs
DrainCom: We keep the sh&t flowing
DrainCom: We keep things flowing
DrainCom: Wet pipes, dry floors.
DrainCom: Before You're Up To Your Neck...
DrainCom: Clean, quick, polite, professional, and guaranteed. Always.
DrainCom: Don't Get In OVER Your Head
DrainCom: Don't Let Your Pipes Breathe
DrainCom: Find IT & Fix IT Specialists
DrainCom: Get HIGH on DRY!
Draincom: Invest in Your Nest, Only use the Best.
Draincom: Invest in Your Nest.
DrainCom: Our expects never pooh-pooh a plumbing problem!
Draincom: the best investment you'll ever put down the drain
DrainCom: The high-water mark in plumbing excellence!
Draincom: The ONLY solution when it comes to basements!
DrainCom: We GET IT...Coming and Going!
DrainCom: We Know OUR Buisness...
Draincom: We're number one in the number two business.
DrainCom: We’ll never let your plumbing problems leave you down in the dumps!
DrainCom: We’ll solve your plumbing problem come hell or high water!
DrainCom: When DOWN the DRAIN...Is A GOOD THING!
DrainCom: Your plumbing problems will be like putty in out hands!
DrainCom; where quality matters.
Draining is in our First name.
Drains, basements, foundations. Repairs can be expensive. What would you rather do? Call them twice, or call us once?
Drop, out of sight!
Easy in - Easy Out
Ever walk knee-deep in a flooded basement? We have. You shouldn’t.
Every Drain Can Be Slain!
Everyone needs their pipes cleaned eventually... (get it done by the best! Draincom)
Fast, Affordable, and just what you need. We're not a miracle, we're draincom.
Fast, Affordable, just what you need - We're not a miracle, We're DrainCom
For friendly service every time, and a job done right, call Draincom.
From Flowing Leaks to Flowing Pipes: DrainCom
Get back into the normal flow with Draincom
Get your Brain on .... at drain on dot ...... com :)
Getting rid of water never looked so hotter!
Getting rid of water never looked so hotter!
Go with the Flow! Go Draincom
Good thing: Water from your tap. Bad thing: Water in your basement. Worse thing: Not calling us.
Got a leak? Call us and we'll take a peek.
Got pain in your drain?
Have you got drips? We have the cure!
Helping Toronto go with the flow
Home in urgency? Call plumbing emergency!
i seek a leak so let me take a peak
If we can't unclog your drain, we'll eat a bug!
If your drains ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy. Draincom for all your home plumbing and waterproofing needs
It need not be a pain
It's not hype. We can fix your pipes.
Just let it flow !
Keeping the Poop IN your pipes!
Keeping Toronto dry, one house at a time.
Keeping water and waste where it truly belongs
Keeping water and waste where it truly belongs
Leak? Let Draincom seal the deal.
Leaks and cracks and backflow....oh my! At DrainCom, we know there's no place like home, and we will
Let our plumbing experts flush your troubles away!
Let our quality service drain your worries away.
Let the only water drops on your face be the tears of joy from our services
Let us pipe down that drop!
Lets open up and let it flow
Living water free and keeping the flow
Make DrainCom your first call - we get it right the first time - with work guaranteed.
Makes your drain suck!
Need a drain? Let Draincom Reign!
Need to call for backup?...Draincom's here!
No more water torture!
No More Water Torture!
no more water worries
No need to suck it up. We'll make it right. DrainCom for all your home plumbing and waterproofing needs.
no pain, no strain, just sit and let it drain
No Pain, Yes Gain,With Drain,Com Inc.
Nothing should come between you and your drain!
Oh Danny Boy....The Pipes, the Pipes need clee-een-ing....... ....Call DrainCom.com
Our reputation has finally LEAKED out!
OUR seal of YOUR approval.
Plumbing Issues...You've Got Em'? Make Your Crap...Our Problem!
Plumbing mystery? Don't be left with 'nothing to go on'...call Draincom today!
Plumbing Problems got you feeling flushed? Keep your poker face and call Draincom today!
Plumbing problems? Call the rest, or call the best. DrainCom.
Powerful draining without the leakage
Preventing Hog Town from becoming Clog City
Problems with water? DrainCom is the solution.
Quality Service supported with Superior Warranties (drain.com)
Quality Service, Superior Warranties, Who would you trust?
Ready for anything!
Send your worries down the drain
Serve the best for you
Service with expertise.
Slogan: Draincom:Water-Thou Shall Not Pass
Slogan: Is your house feeling the pain, drain the pain away with Draincom!
Stay calm; call DRAINCOM for all your waterproofing and plumbing needs
Stop the ooze and get the cruise
Superior Cloaca Maxima A time for all drains
Sweep the trouble with DrainCom
t-shirt slogan: one side: "Don't mess with these Pipes" other side: (messy pipes? go to draincom.com)
Tame it. Drain it. Name it: DrainCom
The best solutions for your home
The BrainDrain- Draincom
The Clogs Worst Nightmare!
The good plumbers.
The Greater Toronto Area’s G.T.A.* – Greatest Tap Authorities
The Leak Squad
The NO Slip-UP zone, it all goes down the drain when it doesn't sink IN !!!!
The one thing we'll never drain? Your trust.
The only thing we won't drain, is your bank account.
The Poo Commando
The Royal Flush of Plumbers
The water solution specialists
This too shall pass!
Use your brains when it comes to your drains...call Drain.com
Wash your worries down the drain with DrainCom.
Water damage?...Draincom!
Water flows smooth and clean with Draincom
Water is valuable, we put it in its place.
Water problems? Trust the experts at DrainCom
Water woes? Here's how it goes: we seal it tight and do it right!
Water Woes? Let Drain.com plumb your depths.
Water You Waiting For?
waterproof problems gone
We aim to drain without the pain
We are #1 AND #2 (in Town)
We drain your pipes, not your pocketbook!
We drain your problems away!
We ensure a Royal Flush will always beat a Full House!
We fix it fast, not half-fast
We Fix what your husband (wife) started!
We go whole hog on clogs (since Toronto is nicknamed Hogtown)
We go with the flow
we have the perfect Plummer to seal that crack
We plumb the depths of despair so you don’t have to!
We repair what your husband fixed!
We suck so life doesn't have to
We take the pain from your drain!
We Take the Pain Out of Your Drain
We will not be beaten on quality! DrainCom, assisting you in making your life more fluid!
We won't DRAIN your bank account!
We wont forget to leave the seat down!
We'll fix the crack in your pipes, but we can't fix your plumbers!
we're like duct tape for your pipes
We've got the brains to fix your drain
We’re flush with success
We’re Johnny-on-the-spot when the pipes, the pipes are calling!
What Goes In Must Come Out!
when it comes to reliablity, experience, and great service, Trust DRAINCOM for all your plumbing, foundation repair, and waterproofing needs!
when it comes to water, we're the best
When it comes to waterproofing and plumbing for your home, simply go with the best contact DrainCom.
When it rains, it's time for DRAIN!
When nature calls, we listen
When you need reliable plumbing or waterproofing, stay 'com'. Draincom!
When you need the job done right, DrainCom is ready to fight
When your plumbing’s not working, don’t call mom, call Draincom. Same loving, caring expertise advise your mom would give without the guilt.
When your toilet overflows, we'll ease your woes
Where down and out” is not a dirty word” – Drain.com Inc.
Who can you trust with your....plumbing? There's only one. DrainCom for all your home plumbing and waterproofing needs.
with commercials it wouldn't be your typical plummer, he'd be a plumber that uses his wooden leg like a plunger
With DrainCom, a healthy home is a dry home.
With us aroung, your water works.
you won't be sorry, but you're plumbing problems will be
You've got a dripping wet smile, we've got a waterproof heart!
Your crap is my family's bread & butter